The treasure hunt game for families and youngsters at the historic and natural site of the hillsides of the citadel* in Liège has just been reissued in a notebook format, pleasant to see and use. The treasure is a piece, which is freely inspired by a coin struck in Liege a little before 1700, during the time of the episcopal principality, in brass for its golden colour!

The game of the treasure of the Coteaux de la Citadelle is available in French, Dutch, German and English at the reception of the Maison du tourisme du pays de Liège, quai de le Goffe 13 at 4000 Liège… and at Marlène’s;).

* The site of the hillsides of the citadel, very close to the city centre, is very popular with the people of Liège and tourists passing through. It is ten minutes walk from Matin tranquille B&B 😉

Illustration du carnet de la Chasse au trésor

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