The Prehistomuseum (20 min. from Liège) is hosting the exhibition ‘Felines! From the saber-toothed tiger to the domestic cat’ until 31 August 2021. This exceptional exhibition is based on an exceptional archaeological discovery in Germany.

It takes the public into the fascinating world of prehistoric felines thanks to naturalized animals, interactive terminals and archaeological objects.

Conceived by the Paläon Museum (Schöningen, Germany), this exhibition presents a family of animals that have existed since prehistoric times and whose links with man are very present: from prehistoric works depicting cave lions to the domestic cats that some of us see every day.

The exhibition is based on the exceptional discovery of the tooth of a saber-toothed feline, in 2012, dating from the Paleolithic. It was found on the site of Schöningen, in Lower Saxony, where archaeologists have unearthed a 300,000-year-old hunting camp.


In the exhibition, the visitor starts from this surprising discovery to get acquainted with the big cats of Prehistory, some of which lived in our regions.

Cave lions, lynx and panthers were part of the fauna surrounding the Paleolithic hunters. This is what the excavations carried out in various caves such as Scladina (Andenne), la Belle-Roche (Sprimont), Goyet (Gesves) and even in Ramioul at the Prehistomuseum reveal!

On the other hand, archaeologists have not yet found any trace of homotherium in Belgium. But the absence of vestiges does not make it possible to conclude that it did not live in our regions.

In the exhibition, the public will discover more widely the diversity of the feline family: the jaguar, the tiger, the lion, the nebulous panther, the lynx, the cheetah… thanks to texts, images and taxidermy animals.

Interactive terminals invite the visitor to experience what it is to be a feline: its strength, its night vision… A plus of these playful devices: a small, simple and collaborative game invites children of all ages to gather all the information about felines. From prehistoric artistic representations to more current visions, man seems to have always had an interest in these particular animals.

With the combination ticket of the Prehistomuseum, the public experiences further experiments in the “village of experiments”: how to use fire to protect themselves from these beautiful creatures, how to make, in the manner of our ancestors, clay statuettes of felines and musical instruments that imitate the flaming of the sabre-toothed tiger.


Prehistomuseum, rue de la grotte 128, 4400 Flémalle (20 min. from Liège).

Open every day except Mondays except school vacations and public vacations. From 10 am to 6 pm in the summer season (from the 1st we of April to the 1st we of Nov.) and from 10 am to 5 pm in the winter season (Nov-March). Online reservation is mandatory.

Price: 7€/adult, 5€/child

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