window of a bistro in Liège with the name of Simenon
Simenon, as a novelist, we all know him!

In Liege, he is “everywhere” ūüėČ
To discover other aspects you can see until August 27, 2023, the exhibition at the Grand Curtius: Simenon, images of a world in crisis

velo_location copy

If you want to discover Liege, its hills and its surroundings, by electric bike, the good place is here !

And… we have a garage for your bikes¬†!

The cold doesn’t suit you? Why not immerse yourself in another tropical atmosphere at the Plant World Observatory?
In the tropical greenhouse or in the Mediterranean greenhouse?
Or in the children’s greenhouse, with the children?
médaillons des artistes Schälling | Enderle

If you want to take a small souvenir of Liege with you…

Medallions made by the artist couple Schälling | Enderle are for sale at Le Matin tranquille B&B.
They represent a detail of the capital of a pillar (circa 1180) of the former cathedral of Saint-Lambert in Liege.

L'épopée chevaleresque qui valut à Liège son surnom

Why is Li√®ge called “THE FIERY CITY“?

If you hear about Liege, you will soon hear its nickname “Cit√© ardente”.
You will also hear many stories that justify this nickname. What is it really all about?

Autorisation de b√Ętir du 74 rue Auguste Donnay

History of 74 rue Auguste Donnay in 4000 Liege.

Many of you ask me questions during your stay at ” Matin tranquille ” bed and breakfast:

  • when was your house built?
  • Is this door original?
  • is it a family house?

You will know everything here by following this link: here

frise de Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach

The frieze of Karl Wilhelm Dienfenbach.

An amusing story of seduction and chance that begins with a walk on a flea market …