The house is on rue Auguste Donnay, a quiet residential street with local traffic and a one-way street at the top (note that this is a recent development; your navigator may not yet be up to it).

Parking is easy and free.

It’s less than 2km from the hypercenter, Place Saint Lambert.

On foot: you can get off in 15 minutes, and a little longer on the way back. You can choose to descend quickly along the main axis, or take a stroll along various bucolic routes.

Bikes and motorcycles can be stored in our garage.

Bus: there’s a bus stop 300m from Place Saint Lambert and 400m from Place Cathédrale.

By car: if you want to drive down, don’t panic! Parking is plentiful and not overpriced.

It’s located between three parks: Parc Naimette-Xhovémont, Parc de la Paix and Parc de la Citadelle.